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Garage Door Servicing and Maintenance

Very few people are aware that a garage door should really be serviced annually. Regular maintenance of your garage door can prevent or reduce costly repairs or replacements in the future.

You could think of your garage door in the same way as your car.  It is easy to take reliable operation for granted, only noticing when the vehicle breaks down. To avoid this happening with your car, you have it serviced regularly and replace worn items to keep it in good working order and avoid it letting you down.

It is important to understand that a garage door has many working parts including cables, rollers, tracks, springs, spring loaded anti drop devices to name just a few. These parts need regularly lubricating and checking for tension on springs and fittings.

The more your door is used the more likely certain mechanical parts are to wear out.

As you would expect to pay for replacement of your cars tyres or brakes after a given mileage this also applies to the maintenance of a garage door.

Garage doors that are not serviced annually to the manufacturers specifications will become heavy and dangerous to use and will become beyond economical repair after only a couple of years.

As our service and maintenance packages are low cost the long term savings can be huge.

So do not wait until your garage door breaks or becomes jammed.

We can arrange a free safety check and quotation for annual servicing and we have discounts for landlords / property management companies and apartment blocks.